Web / UI Design & Back-End




This started as a one-day project to kill time while practicing some skills on a slow summer. The idea was to make a list of movies I could recommend my friends whenever they asked me for a movie to watch (‘Dime una peli’ translates to ‘tell me a movie’ [to watch]), so I could just send them the link and let them choose by themselves. The same day I got the idea I diced to pull an allnighter in which I sketched the idea for the design on paper, developed both the front-end and the back-end (used to be a WordPress installation, which at the time was the only way I knew to make a database), populated the database with movies and little reviews (now gone), bought the domain, and by the next late morning, it was deployed.

Over the years it has become a sandbox for practising whatever new skill I learned. Used to be that I had to add all the information manually, including uploading the poster, writing a synopsis, the genres, the year of release, the runtime, etc. But the current incarnation of the site has to be the simplest of all (and the least ugly one too), just a front-end pulling everything from The Movie Database (a more open imdb alternative with an actual API): from the catalog of movies that I add to a list there, to the posters, backgrounds, trailers, etc. Even the main color of each movie is generated from the poster in the front-end, so I don’t have to store a single thing but the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You can check it out live here.